Güneş Sistemi

Solar System is a business management system designed to meet all steps of the business processes and developed regarding the new requirements of the new economy. Designed flexible to allow the organizations to specify their working principles according to their own needs and preferences, Solar System is featured as a guide for the enterprises willing to be successful in the new economy with its safe structure providing control on the information and with its display techniques enabling rapid and easy access to information.

Distinguishing Properties Of  Solar System

  • Solar System has been developed in consideration of the new economy and the local circumstances in Turkey.
  • Solar System products are developed with the latest technology by using the COM technology pioneered by Microsoft in the world. Thus, it is possible to import Solar System units into Excel
  • One of the superior features of the Solar System is its open database and client/server structure.
  • Solar System operates with the philosophy of allocation of information from its resources and its management according to the business flow.
  • In the System, newly recorded data, update and cancellation operations can be traced on user, module, day and hour basis by the history of the operations performed.
  • In terms of functionality and business flow, Solar System can be used by SMEs and big enterprises in various sectors with its scalable structure.
  • Parametric and definable coding structure allows enterprises to specify working principles according to their needs and preferences.
  • Visually, Solar System has adapted the Windows graphical user interface standards. Thus, the screens are designed in compliance with user preferences.
  • Objects as MS Excel, Word documents etc. can be attached to all cards and documents in the Solar System.
  • More than one window can be opened simultaneously.
  • Electronic Document Transfer is a module that is used for transferring documents from one system to another as an XML document. So that, an XML document that includes sales invoices that are sent from suppliers, can be transferred into the system automatically as purchasing invoices by Electronic Document Transfer module.


Basic Features

1. Report Generation : There is a comprehensive report bank in the system that has been developed regarding the general business flows. On the other hand, it is available to list all the information in the Solar System according to desired criteria with the report generation features. All functions, formulas and filters used in any report can be used in other reports; or reports prepared beforehand can be listed in groups according to desired features. All the results gained from report generation can be displayed, printed, and sent to another place by fax or e-mail. The enterprises are also enabled to generate reports by reaching the information on the Solar System through Excel or other table generating tools.


2. Document Approval System: The Document Approval System is developed for the controlled management of information. It enables the navigation of the documents that are generated in the system for approval. Approval flow process prepared for the Document Approval System is initiated before the document is transacted and completed after an electronic copy of the document is sent to the related people for approval in the digital environment since the physical flow of the documents in the enterprise is eliminated.


3. Log File: The Log File feature allowing historical queries of all information minimizes the error risk of the enterprises and provides them with correct information. With the Log File, all deleted and changed records can be reached in order to control and return to the desired information and detect the source of an exceptional situation.

4. Security: Rights of reading, changing and new entry can be defined in detail with the Solar System security features. Also rights for users or user groups generated for the departments can be defined. Three-level security system of the Solar System provides security on the basis of option. With this feature, right definitions are made on the basis of all cards, transactions, and reports recorded in the Solar System and access of the user to one, a few or all of these options can be prevented.


5. Working With Exchange:
All the transactions performed in the Solar System can be tracked on the basis of other currencies as well as the local currency. With this feature, the information entered as Turkish Lira can be automatically converted to foreign exchange or the information entered as foreign exchange can be automatically converted to Turkish Lira. Calculations according to cross-rate parities are also available. Solar System consisting of modules operating integrated with each other and including Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resources, Fixed Assets and Web solution.