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New Generation System is a management system providing international solutions with its structure that can respond all processes required in business flows for SMEs. There are three versions of the system named “Eko”, “Kobi”, and “Pro” Basic distinguishing properties are listed below;

  • System generates flexible reports and analyses that are developed regarding the general business flows with the aim of ensuring good information management.
  • Developed in Windows environment, system provides a fast and easy working environment.
  • Multiple currencies can be used in all modules of the New Generation System. The records of the requested currency with corresponding date and rate can be kept.
  • With its Security feature, the system is enabled to work in a secure environment by defining writing, reading and deleting rights for users on option and field basis.
  • Log file is a feature developed in line with maximum security concept. Common user mistakes can be traced and solved by the log file feature.
  • System has an important role in decision-making processes of the enterprises with its flexible and functional solutions for report generation. Although the New Generation System has a report bank, users can design special reports in the system. The reports gained from report generation can be displayed in system, directly transferred to an Excel document, and also sent to another location via e-mail or fax.
  • Owning to parametric and definable coding structure, enterprises specify working principles according to their needs and preferences.
  • Electronic Document Transfer is a module that is used for transferring documents from one system to another. For example, an XML document that includes sales invoices that are sent from one supplier, can be transferred into the system automatically as purchasing invoices by Electronic Document Transfer module.
  • Thanks to attaching documents to desktop specification, all users can reach easily the documents that they usually work with.
  • Users can schedule some basic jobs automatically in the system like back up, daily foreign currency transfers from The Central Bank to New Generation System, service processes, and reminder messages.
  • Picture Objects can be attached to all cards in the New Generation System.
  • More than one window can be opened simultaneously.
  • System includes purchasing, sales and marketing, finance, inventory, accounting, fixed assets, production, personnel, and payroll management modules that are integrated each other.